About us

the verona mission

At Verona, our mission is to craft remarkable properties that transcend expectations, enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities alike. We strive to create thriving environments that foster connection, well-being, and a sense of belonging. Through our projects, we aim to leave a lasting positive impact on the people we serve.

Our story


Verona Real Estate Group has a rich history of over 10 years in the real estate industry. Since our inception, we have successfully developed and built numerous luxury mixed-use communities, senior living (affordable) residences, and student housing projects.

Over the years, our company has grown and evolved, adapting to the changing needs of the market and embracing new opportunities. Our experienced management team, with their extensive expertise in real estate and financial markets, has guided us through various economic cycles, ensuring our resilience and success. Throughout our history, we have cultivated robust relationships with building trade unions in Canada, ensuring that most our projects are constructed by unions, exemplifying the utmost craftsmanship and utilizing the finest quality materials obtainable in the country.

The robust relationships that our founders have established with municipal, provincial, and federal governments provide us with a significantly higher probability of success. These connections serve as a valuable asset, enabling us to navigate the complex landscape of governmental policies, regulations, and funding opportunities.


strategic partnerships

Verona Real Estate Group has forged strong strategic partnerships and cultivated a vast network of global connections. Among our notable alliances, we have developed close ties with key institutions in the MENA region, including prestigious entities such as QNB (Qatar National Bank), QIA (Qatar Investment Authority) - the second largest sovereign fund in the world, and influential partners in Dubai and North Africa.

Our partnership with QNB, a leading financial institution in Qatar, provides us with invaluable support and resources for our real estate projects. This collaboration allows us to leverage QNB's extensive expertise in financing, investment, and market insights, strengthening our capabilities and expanding our opportunities within the MENA region and beyond.

Verona's relationship with QIA, one of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds, further enhances our global presence and credibility. This partnership opens doors to new avenues for investment, access to capital, and the ability to collaborate on transformative real estate ventures. Through our alignment with QIA, we tap into their unparalleled network and wealth of experience, propelling our growth and positioning us at the forefront of the industry.

Our Values

Our core values serve as the foundation of our company and guide our every action



We embrace innovation as a driving force in all aspects of our work. By staying at the forefront of design trends and construction techniques, we create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functionally exceptional, meeting the evolving needs of our residents and tenants.



We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, setting the highest standards for design, construction, and service. We believe in delivering quality without compromise, ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully crafted and executed.



We are dedicated to sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact and contribute to the long-term well-being of our communities. From energy-efficient designs to eco-friendly construction materials, we strive to create properties that respect and preserve our planet.



Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and professionalism in all our interactions. We prioritize ethical practices, foster trust, and uphold our commitments to our clients, partners, and communities.