Verona Retirement Living Community

A centralized health care management system coordinating all aspects of a tenants current and future healthcare needs supported by home-care service providers. The Community Hub provides a central core for the diversity of care and services in support of the tenants and seniors service organizations. Progressive monitoring with smart and green home technologies that are used in combination with communication and healthcare management software for the cost effective delivery of care. A village setting with a variety of accessible residential units designs centred around a central core and supporting amenities.

Verona Retirement Living Community

Project details

IHA Canada
June 2023
Alexandria, Ontario
Development and Construction

The Verona integrated ‘Campus of Care’

Offering a cluster of facilities on two adjacent properties that will bridge independent living through assisted and long-term care needs of Seniors. As Seniors personal and health needs change and evolve, they have the option of moving into one of the other appropriate level of care facilities, while being in close proximity to their Village home and friends.

Verona Retirement Living Community
Verona Retirement Living Community